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Does the physical even matter?

Does the physical even matter?

A lot of people decide physical effort just isn't worth their time. Some people stay productive by ignoring the physical to achieve work goals or life goals. But could that trade-off be harmful?

Some Christians say that since the body is cursed and must die, it profits them nothing to stay healthy. Even Paul said that training the body profits little. However, little can be a lot more than none.

What's it worth?

Have you ever pushed your body to the brink?

When your mind told you to give up...did you?

Most people have not reached that point in their life. While people tend to stay as comfortable as possible, athletes tend to approach that limit of themselves. At least once in a while.

Exercise is not just about the body. It's about the mindset during the pain and struggle of pushing your body. If your mind always says, “I'm good. Let's not have any more of this,” and you listen, then you will never learn the power of perseverance in immediate, excruciating events.

A certain percentage of your workouts should involve some form of pushing against yourself. After all, how you practice in life is how you will play. When you strengthen your body and train the complete man, then you improve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical activity sucks.

The rigors of life suck. It's true. But a man who has been physically forged will approach struggles and situations with the confidence and faith needed to complete the task.

Trust me. There is something unique about having a heavy weight sitting on your back with a mind telling you “No more.” That moment becomes a massive, pivotal event in your life. It's all you can think about as you breath hard and your muscles shake.

You come to a point where you can rack the weight and no one will be the wiser. Or, you keep going and push past that voice and past the lack of discipline to complete what you need to do, no matter what the voice says.

It's the same thing with running. The voice in your head might tell you to quit. Or ask what you think you're doing.

Do you listen?

Why would physical activity matter?

I have met plenty of people who fear suffering or struggle. They chafe at the hint of difficulty and run as far as they can. Those people will never succeed, they will never truly grow, and they will never understand the worth of a goal. It is only when you can look back on the path you've come and realize how much you overcame. Then, when looking forward, you see how many mountains you have before you, a rock-solid truth emerges:

"I've conquered the last multitude of mountains. These are no different."

There will never be an easy, simple path for those who wish to truly do something great. In all honesty, none of us have a simple life. Unfortunately, life finds a way to provide struggle, and that drama either comes from within us or outside of us.

Have you ever noticed that kids who grew up with everything become spoiled, maladjusted brats? They create their drama. Instead of facing down problems like finding food, housing, or scraping to achieve something, they create internal drama. They promote drama in their social circle. They become obsessed with personal slights, relationship triangles, and the petty differences. We sit down with our snack to watch them on late-night television.

Workout for yourself

But the man who puts himself into tests constantly, and strives to overcome the next hurdle—it's that man who will do what is necessary to get the job done.

How can you possibly know what you can handle if you don't put yourself into tough situations once in a while?

And it is in the gym, under the iron, or on the run that you present yourself to forces acting against you. You step into the ring with those forces and tell them it is time to do battle. When you have accepted the challenge, you walk forward to reshape every part of you.

In those moments of immense stress, you can step back and watch your mind. The negative voices that were hiding out, or had you so snowed that you always listened will quickly come rushing in, to convince you to leave the gym and go sit on the couch. They are your enemy, and they do not have your best at heart.

I train to improve my strength, my longevity, and my efforts. But, I also train to harden my resolve and improve my perseverance. I want my constitution as a man to be rock solid. I want to defeat every issue before it has a chance to take root.

Other opportunities exist to forge yourself. But physical exertion sure is an easy way to get it.

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