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Dedicated discipleship for any walk of life

Every man needs a trustworthy voice that can provide truth, wisdom, reason, guidance, and encouragement. The Forged gives you exactly what you need. 


We provide direction and hope to men. Whether you are a young man learning how to become a man, or a fully-grown man needing some insight, we dedicate ourselves to your success.

Our Holy Spirit-driven mentorship includes planning and development in body, soul, and spirit. We come alongside you with a driven focus on helping you achieve everything God created you to do.


Mentorship programs include:

  • Video conferencing

  • Direct communication

  • Customized programming

  • Other resources

Single session:

  • Video conference

  • Definition of problem

  • Optimized plan layout

Monthly mentorship:

  • 4 (30 min) video meetings per month

  • Goal development

  • Plan layout

  • Supplemental resources

  • Availability for communication




Single session mentorship - $50.00 per hour

Monthly mentorship - $200.00 per month


Programs built to handle the toughest lives

Reading "Become Forged - Maximizing Masculinity" provides every man with a tool box to make changes in his life.


However, we went another step and developed an in-depth workbook to give you the step-by-step process to transform your life.


Our program does something unique: we let the Lord guide the process. Using questions designed to lead you into deeper interactions with the Lord, our book study program gives the opportunity for lasting transformation and a renewed relationship with God.


If you want a new outlook on life and your walk with the Father, then pick up the study pack today.





Book: $20.00

Workbook: $20.00


Building the bond of brotherhood

Christian men's groups and men's ministries bring together the brotherhood of the church body. We are the body and Christ is the head. We stand as His hands and feet in today's fallen world.


Men's ministries and general men's groups provide men of all ages the opportunity to unite and grow through various activities, studies, and opportunities. 


The Forged offers powerful options for transforming a group of men into an elite fighting unit for Christ.


Some of the ways in which we assist men's groups include:

  • Workbooks and curriculum

  • Events

  • Guest speaking

  • Series leadership

  • Fitness meet-ups

  • and more


Contact us at for more details on options and pricing.


Every worthy success requires strategy

Challenging and transformational programs not only draw men in, but produce the masculine men needed to handle today's issues.


The Forged wants to help you design a winning strategy to train your men to succeed in whatever goal you have set. 


Our program development services include:

  • Vision casting

  • Goal setting

  • Objective standards

  • Methodological approach to achieving goals

  • Testing/Progress evaluation

  • Debrief construction and implementation



Contact us at for more details on options and pricing.


For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory. Proverbs 24:6

Every winning plan requires a powerful strategy. A powerful strategy requires wise counsel.


Leaders sometimes feel like they must go it alone. That's a lie. Every great leader surrounds themselves with wise counsel and makes decisions after carefully thinking through the options, problems, and possibilities.


At times, a leader must gather the wise counsel of an outside observer. We at The Forged can be that voice.


Lean on The Forged's expertise in:

  • Program development

  • Ministry

  • Educational processes

  • Masculine traits and behavior

  • Troubleshooting

  • and more

We offer a powerful ally to leadership in churches as well as the business world. Come with a problem. We will help you find the answer you need.


Through prayer and seeking of the Lord, The Forged wants to help you overcome whatever obstacles you currently face.



One hour consultation: $100.00


Men were not built to be alone

We at The Forged pride ourselves on our dedication to community.


Every man must know that he does not have to be alone.


When a man has a community of brothers surrounding him, he can accomplish anything. This means we must build our community to handle whatever adversity comes in our lives and the lives of our brothers.


We build our community through:

  • Local fitness programs

  • Weekly meet-ups

  • Video conferences

  • Events

  • Social media

  • and more


Contact us at for more information about community options and pricing.


Speaking Engagements


Media/Guest Spots

Guest Blogging

Guest Lectures

Program Leadership

Contact us at for more information.

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