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Group of men and young men do push-ups in a parking lot


 No more excuses. Time to build body, soul, and spirit. Like God intended. 


Our goal is simple. We develop righteous men to cherish God, pursue legacy, refine self, and strengthen the body.


The bond of brotherhood begins today. Join The Forged.

At The Forged, we are dedicated to guiding men on a transformative journey toward enhanced masculinity through holistic self-development. Our mission is rooted in Christian values and the belief that true strength comes from the harmonious development of body, soul, and spirit.

Explore a robust pathway tailored for men who seek to fortify their identity and purpose. Our comprehensive programs include physical training, group workshops, and individual mentorship, all designed to foster personal growth and spiritual enrichment. By integrating proven methodologies with timeless wisdom, we help men embrace their full potential.


Join us to discover how our unique blend of physical conditioning, spiritual insight, and community support can empower you to become the man you are meant to be. Dive into our resources, ranging from hands-on training sessions to insightful books, all curated to cultivate your journey toward robust masculinity.

Hiker walks on rocky path between two mountains with another hiker in front of him


We at The Forged dedicate ourselves to mentoring men both young and old. Through single sessions, monthly programs, or discipleship tracks - we offer what you need.


Each group of men poses unique challenges. We'll help you design the right program for your needs. Whether you run a men's organization or have a men's ministry - we're here to help coordinate a winning mission.


Use the book and workbook combo that is changing how men's discipleship is done. Our model provides deep introspection and connection with the Lord to bring lasting transformation.


No matter the size of the problem for your organization, we can help. 

Single-session and multi-session consultations are available. 

Short-term and long-term are also available.


Unite to effect change in your family, church, community, and nation. Our men's study programs offer strategic approaches to building unity between brothers.


If you need a community to help keep you accountable, push you beyond your comfort, and provide the coverage you need...then The Forged is for you.

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